Laravel Coaching

Switching to Laravel and want your team off to the best start? or have your team built an application that is showing signs of becoming hard to maintain?

Vicklr gives your development team a direction and the confidence to build your application with value from the beginning and the ability to scale.

Vicklr Laravel Coaching is a 9-day hands-on process over the course of three weeks. Three days a week we will guide your developers according to your specific business needs and two days a week your developers will get acquainted with their learnings and put them into action.

Price: €8000 for 1-5 participants

Vicklr is Jan Keller - former CTO and Lead Architect for Ziik, a SaaS application bringing a company's internal communication to the hands of the employees.
With close to twenty years in the development world of PHP applications, Jan has dealt with requirements ranging from high traffic media sites to individualised applications. He has seen frameworks come and go and is well prepared to share his knowledge and experience.
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