Laravel TDD Head Start

Whether you are building a new application from scratch or rebuilding an existing application in Laravel, Test Driven Development can help you build with confidence and avoid regressions.

Vicklr can help you get a head start on the project with Test Driven Development. With automated tests to lean on, your development team can build, rebuild and refactor with confidence that everything still works as the business logic should.

A Vicklr Laravel TDD Head Start is a three-day workshop with your project as a starting point. We get your development team into writing tests that are relevant to your project with the quirks and specifics that you want to get right from the start.

Price: €3000 for 1-5 participants

Vicklr is Jan Keller - former CTO and Lead Architect for Ziik, a SaaS application bringing a company's internal communication to the hands of the employees.
With close to twenty years in the development world of PHP applications, Jan has dealt with requirements ranging from high traffic media sites to individualised applications. He has seen frameworks come and go and is well prepared to share his knowledge and experience.
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