SurveyUno User Survey

Aug 13, 2021

We asked our users how they found SurveyUno and what we could improve and the results are uplifting.

Look and Feel

First of all, the majority of respondents said that SurveyUno is easy to navigate and looks good. Building a survey, adding questions and inviting respondents is uncomplicated, although with the flexibility of SurveyUno, some complexity cannot be avoided.


The SurveyUno pricing of €6.75 for a month deemed as reasonable. Especially the fact that SurveyUno does not charge for setting up the survey or for adding members to the team and that response data is available for exporting also when the paid period is expired, is well received. Many users felt that other solutions using subscription periods with a high price and charged per user, did not provide additional value and only served to increase the stress of getting the questions right and the survey out to respondents before the subscription period ended.

Selection Criteria

When asked about the most important factor when choosing a survey solution, some said price, but most emphasized the response data processing. Good visualizations and export capabilities for further processing is characterized as vital.


On the subject of features and quality, our users once again highlighted the need for data exports, a good overview of responses and the ability to work on surveys in teams. SurveyUno does a good job on these.

Where we can improve is on the variety of question types in order to give users more flexibility in how they ask their questions and how the respondents can answer them. SurveyUno has a very flexible multiple choice question type as well as a free-text option, but we will definitely work on other types such as ratings and matrices.

Finally, the need for conditional logic, where certain pages or questions are only shown to the respondent if they replied a certain way on an earlier question, matters to the majority of respondents. It is a daunting task to make this complicated feature and to make it easy and accessible for the survey creator, but we agree completely that it can make for a much more streamlined survey and we are already contemplating how to achieve this.

Closing Words

We want to thank everybody, who participated in the SurveyUno User Survey. Getting feedback from actual users is vital to us and we appreciate it immensely.

by Jan Keller

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